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With over 70 staff members FINDEISEN produces high-quality needled carpets. To make all wheels run optimally it needs two things: A good FINDEISEN team working together well and you, our customers. In all areas, FINDEISEN works with professionals who live their trade and knowhow in production, management and customer service. This is the only way how we can be a market leader in the production of high-quality needled carpets and always surprise our customers with new products. For us, innovative power, top product quality and our geared-to-market approach are important keys to success.

At the same time, it is you our customers, partners and prospective buyers who are the driving forces: Your loyalty, your ideas and suggestions enable us to develop our products continuously and to push and expand the strategic orientation of our company.

One other thing is extremely important to us: Needled carpets are unique products. We kindly invite you: Come and visit our factory in Ettlingen and convince yourselves. We promise you: It is really worthwhile!

Red Dot Award 2015: FINDEISEN erhält Auszeichnung für Bodenbelag FINETT FEINWERK

Die von FINDEISEN neu entwickelte Feinfaserqualität FINETT FEINWERK erhält von der Jury des Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 die Auszeichnung „Honourable Mention“.


München 7./8.10.2015
Düsseldorf 2./3.12.2015

Berlin 9./10.11.2016
Stuttgart 7./8.12.2016

FINETT SOLID green mit materialPREIS 2013 ausgezeichnet

Beim erstmals ausgelobten materialPREIS wurde FINDEISEN auf Anhieb in der Kategorie Ökologie ausgezeichnet.

Ein Rundgang durch unsere Werkshallen

Mischkammer, Krempel, Nadelbrett: Begleiten Sie uns auf einem Rundgang durch die Produktion.